Building a Brighter Future for All Children with Special Educational Needs and Children affected by the Refugee Crisis and Human Trafficking Living in the UK

Our Aims: 

1. Improve Paediatric Oral Health- giving free Toothbrushes and Toothpaste to children.

2. Screen childrens teeth and refer children that do not have a dentist to the community dental service.

3. Educate Teachers, Support Staff, Parents, LAC nurses, social workers, GMP and Paediatric nurses.

4. Educate Foundation Dentists how to engage with Children with SENs or children affected by the refugee crisis



Meet the People Behind the Work



Founder of Happy Teeth

Linzi is passionate about targeting inequality and promoting oral health improvement in vulnerable groups such as children with SEN, and children affected by the refugee crisis and human trafficking. She  initiates, organizes, and promotes the Happy Teeth educational programme. She works as a dental officer

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Foundation dentists, Trainee dentists

The foundation dentists have been incredible on the happy teeth team. so far HEE have allowed 15 FDs to be trained. They are engaging, energetic and inspirational. We are proud to work in partnership with them.


Upcoming Events

  • Halifax- Special School Screening and Lessons for SEN children
    Fri, 07 Feb
    Ravenscliffe High School- Halifax
    07 Feb 2020, 08:30
    Ravenscliffe High School- Halifax, Halifax, UK
    Opportunity to learn how to engage and screen SEN children, learning from a Community Dentist. Learn and present fun interactive Oral Hygiene and diet advice Lessons to SEN children. Learn how to engage and screen SEN childrens teeth.
  • Leeds-Special School Screening and Lessons at Special Needs School
    29 Nov 2019, 08:30
    Leeds, Leeds, UK
    Opportunity to learn how to engage and screen SEN children, learning from a Community Dentist. Learn and present fun interactive Oral Hygiene and diet advice Lessons to SEN children. Learn how to engage and screen SEN childrens teeth.
  • Leeds- Special School Screening and Lessons at Special Needs School
    22 Nov 2019, 08:30
    Green Meadows School, , LS208PP
    Opportunity to learn how to engage and screen SEN children, learning from a Community Dentist. Learn and present fun interactive Oral Hygiene and diet advice Lessons to SEN children. Learn how to engage and screen SEN childrens teeth.
  • Free Study Day- Learn how to engage with and present to Special Needs Paediatric Patients
    24 Oct 2019, 08:30
    Willow Terrace Road, Willow Terrace Rd, Leeds, UK
    If you have an interest in paediatric special needs children this is the perfect study day for you to learn how to engage with special needs children. To explore risk management, safeguarding for special school screenings To cover the key concepts of behaviour management & engaging SEN children.


Improve the Oral Health of SEN children and children affected by human trafficking and the refugee crisis and Educate DFTs

Our mission is to:-

  • Educate Dental Foundation Trainees (DFTs) about Special School Screenings  and how to engage with SEN Children and children affected by human trafficking.-Promote Oral Health Education with SEN children.

  • Educate teachers and support workers, LAC nurses, social workers about Oral Health.

  • Provide free toothbrushes and toothpaste to all SEN children in the special needs schools and all children affected by the refugee crisis.



Our Work

Happy Teeth- provides free fun interactive oral hygiene and diet lessons for SEN children (special educational needs children) in their local schools. Additionally go to refugee clinics to promote oral health. 
Also during the school visits we have community dentists and dental foundation trainees that check (screen) the children's teeth at the school (if parents/careers have consented). Any children that are identified with having caries or trauma a letter is sent home to inform the parent or career. If a child does not have a dentist they will be refer to the community dental team.
Additionally Happy Teeth give free toothbrushes, toothpaste and stickers to the children. With the help of Mr Carrot we educate the children on healthy eating in addition to oral hygiene lessons

Team takes dental education directly to children by going into local primary schools. We help you teach your students about healthy diets and dental hygiene,

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You’ll Be Glad You Did


Want to make a positive impact? If you are a Dental Foundation Trainee, Dental Core Trainee, Undergraduate Dental Student and you are interested in Paediatric Dentistry and Special Care Dentistry and you want to volunteer for school visits either sign up on Maxcourses or contact our team on the contact section.



Improving Paediatric Special Care Oral Health
Improving Education

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Free, Fun, Interactive Oral Hygiene lessons and Screen childrens teeth

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Toothbrushes, superbrushes and toothpaste


To improve Oral Hygiene support for these children in schools

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To improve their confidence with SEN children

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The sessions led by Happy Teeth went really well. The students ranged from year 7 (aged 11) up to year 11 (aged 15/16). All students were engaged and the resources and presentations were set at an appropriate level for understanding. It was a great opportunity to reinforce existing knowledge of oral health. The students liked the idea of a ‘proper’ dentist checking their teeth and they were pleased with the new toothbrush and toothpaste they got. Regardless of age and ability the students loved Mr Carrot! The sessions were really successful even though some groups were large and very busy!

I would recommend these sessions to other SEN schools to help reinforce existing knowledge and encourage good oral health.

Thanks very much


Ravenscliffe SEN High School

Feedback from DFT- El Grant

  1. Would you recommend this learning experience to your colleagues as part of DFT – excellent

  2. What was the most useful part of the session –

There were many useful and informative parts of the day; Observing Linzi presenting to the children was great. I could see how she was keeping the children excited and engaged in what she was saying. I took note of how Linzi kept the children interested, and how she adapted the presenting style to the individual needs of the children. I could see that it was not just the children who were interested in Linzi's presentation, but also the adult carers/teachers too! I am not usually extremely confident in presenting to people so I certainly appreciated watching Linzi's charismatic and enthusiastic presenting style.  

At the end of each session, we gave out free toothpaste and toothbrushes. The children loved this and I was touched at how appreciative and excited they were. The teacher allowed them to either take the toothbrush home or keep it in their drawer at school. Some children decided to take their toothbrush and toothpaste to their grandparents' house as, one boy said, "I don't have a toothbrush at my grandmas and I stay there at weekends". Of course, this is great as it is encouraging oral hygiene routines outside the home.

Another useful part of the day was having some time to talk to the children. I was pleasantly surprised at how highly they valued their oral health and how engaged they were. It was a great opportunity to provide some casual oral hygiene and diet advice. 


Dentaid charity - provided free toothbrushes and toothpaste



Yorkshire and the Humber, UK


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